Laundry Tenders

Past Laundry Contracts & Tenders

Hire and Laundry Service at Emirates Refresh Spa

Glasgow Life (Culture & Sport Glasgow) – Scotland – Budget: £80,000


Lease Hire and Laundry Service Provision

University of East Anglia – Eastern – Budget: Undisclosed


Thornbridge Outdoors Centre Laundry Services

Sheffield City Council – Yorkshire – Budget: Undisclosed


NHS Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel Linen Laundry Service

NHS Golden Jubilee – Scotland – Budget: Undisclosed


Linen and Laundry

HealthTrust Europe LLP (HTE) acting as agent for the University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (“UHCW”)- West Midlands- Budget: £270,000,000


Linen and Laundry

HealthTrust Europe- West midlands- Budget: £270,000,000


Laundry and Linen Services PIN

NOE-CPC- Yorkshire and Humber- Budget: Undisclosed


Laundry Requirement

MHRA Buyer Organisation- London- Budget: £55,000


Laundry Service Requirements (2019)

MHRA Buyer Organisation- Eastern- Budget: £22,000


Linen, Laundry and Related Miscellaneous Services 2020

St James’s Hospital- International- Budget: Undisclosed


Hudson Discover’s Hospitality Tenders comprises a dedicated section for laundry tenders, an essential element of the hospitality industry.

A specialised requirement, we understand the importance of sourcing tender opportunities for laundry service businesses.

That’s why at Hospitality Tenders, we collate contract notices for laundry services across national and international portals.

Our unique selling point? We utilise inhouse Opportunity Trackers to source tenders.

We conducted research and discovered that over a third of tenders in the public domain were tagged with incorrect CPV codes.

Creating our Hospitality Tenders portal enables SMEs to view a cohesive and comprehensive lists of all active contract notices for laundry services, removing the stress of scouring portals yourself.

Past tenders our Opportunity Trackers have found range from small contracts at one hospital to larger contracts for umbrella bodies covering entire regions.

No matter the size of your business, there is a laundry tender for you. For your convenience, you can filter our laundry tenders by keyword, budget and location, enabling you to view contracts directly relevant to your service offering.

Contracts posted on the laundry tenders section of Hospitality Tenders will range from single supplier contracts, to DPS registers or frameworks.

There is a contract for every business and at Hospitality Tenders, we are passionate about linking suppliers with buyers.

For new companies, frameworks and DPS registers are great first ventures into public sector tendering.

What’s more, your subscription to Hospitality Tenders includes:

  • Unlimited access to the portal containing all active contract notices for laundry services, which you can filter according to budget size, location and keywords;
  • A daily bulletin sent straight to your inbox, containing all the new contract notices our Opportunity Trackers have found that day;
  • A dedicated Account Manager who will deal with all queries relating to Hospitality Tenders or to tendering in general;
  • A free 20-minute phone consultation with our bid writing experts from Hudson Succeed – who can answer specific questions and provide advice and guidance relating to your tendering journey.

For tenders with undisclosed budgets, it will be your responsibility to ensure that the requirements are deliverable for your company.

There may be a stipulated turnover threshold and you may have to prove that you can meet this – providing unaudited accounts as part of submission is usually sufficient evidence.

If not, shredding the specification and ascertaining the scope of the contract to assess whether or not you can deliver it will be important. Understandably, it may be discouraging to discover that the scope of the contract is too much.

As a Hospitality Tenders client, you will receive the daily bulletins to your inbox, alerting you to new contract notices – enabling you to be patient before tendering for a contract you cannot deliver.

You can rest assured that the right contract for you will appear – which you can discover with support from Hospitality Tenders.

Laundry tenders may also require similar, related services. Bidding for laundry tenders will enable your business to expand, and we want to help you find the right tender which matches your service offering.

Having successfully found a contract to tender for, our expert team at Hudson Succeed can support you with your bid writing needs.

Providing laundry services and want to see your business grow? Get in touch with Hospitality Tenders today.

Hudson Discover can help fulfil your business needs by connecting you with relevant opportunities from the public and private sector.

Contact us today for a free demo or a free trial to see how Hospitality Tenders could help you.


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