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We source tenders including catering contracts, events management, venue hire and laundry services.

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Are you deciding whether to implement Hospitality Tenders into your business?

Our team of Opportunity Trackers manually source new tenders for catering contracts, events services, conference management and many more, every day. They do this by searching thousands of websites to ensure that you never miss an opportunity.

Our past tender examples will help you to gain further insight into the tenders we source.

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Hospitality Tenders

How does Hospitality Tenders work?

Hospitality Tenders is a time-saving tool.

Our team work to provide our clients with new business opportunities in their sector.

We specialise in the Hospitality and Events industry. The opportunities we source include:

  • Catering Contracts
  • Events Management Tenders
  • Events Staffing Tenders
  • Laundry Contracts
  • School Meal Tenders
  • Entertainment Contracts
  • Catering Equipment and many more

What does our subscription include?

Your subscription entitles you to 24/7 access to our online portal. The portal can easily be filtered by keyword, sector, location and budget to save you and your team valuable time.

You will also receive a daily bulletin, listing all the tenders that we have uploaded each day. This means that you don’t have to log into the portal every day to find new business opportunities – they land straight in your inbox.

Upon signing up to Hospitality Tenders, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager will be on-hand throughout your subscription to assist you with any tendering-related queries. This can include questions about our portal or more general tendering advice.

As part of your subscription, you are also entitled to 20 minutes of free tendering advice, once a month, via our Hudson Helpline.

The Hudson Helpline connects you instantly to a bid writing professional from our sister company, Hudson Succeed.

What is Hudson Succeed?

Hudson Succeed is our Bid Writing consultancy. The team consists of Bid Writers, Bid Coordinators and the Head of Bid Management. They work with large businesses and SMEs, both nationally and internationally.

The team at Hudson Succeed are multi-disciplinary Bid Writers. They have experience with writing and winning bids for clients in multiple sectors, including the Hospitality industry.

Last year alone, the team secured over £300 million in direct contract wins for their clients.

If you require any support with a current bid, please contact the team for a free quotation.

How can Hospitality Tenders help your business?

  • We upload around 10-20 new tenders every day.
  • The portal saves your business valuable time when searching for opportunities.
  • Our Hospitality Tenders 2.0 version is soon to go live. The system will host new and exciting features that make tender tracking even easier.
  • We don’t rely on CPV codes or algorithms to collect our data – we rely on people. Our team of Opportunity Trackers manually search thousands of sites daily and upload each new tender individually. This ensures that you only see the opportunities that are relevant to your business.
  • Our daily bulletin means that you don’t have to log into the platform every day. New opportunities come to you.
  • The subscription entitles you to free help and support from our Hudson Succeed team.

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