24 Jul



North East cash injection announced!

The North East will be “better connected than ever” Prime Minister Theresa May announced earlier this week. The plans to upgrade East Coast transportation will require investment in the region of £780 million with the aim of increasing both capacity and travel speed.

So, what does this mean for us and the wider procurement industry?

Improved connectivity means that more effective business partnerships will be formed, and a gap between traders, buyers and suppliers in the North and South might thus be bridged. This will offer both buyers and suppliers the chance to inter-trade nationally by establishing contracts with parties based outside of their immediate region. In our tendering and procurement endeavours, we have noted this to be a common concern for potential suppliers.

This investment comes as part of a region-wide goal to build a more prosperous future for the North East. The Prime Minister said, “We have set out major policies and investments as part of our Modern Industrial Strategy to unlock the potential in the North”.

The tendering process will become more accessible as the volume of feasible opportunities increases due to more efficient transport systems. Internally, we will be able to provide more contact support to our clients based in South East regions of the UK.

Our Tender Consultants are looking forward to utilising the improved transport services, as a result of the North East cash injection, to deliver connect business relationships with our clients. We offer a range of Bid Writing and Management services, dedicated to your business growth efforts.

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